Man Page fegetround.3m


     fesetround, fegetround -  control  floating  point  rounding
     direction modes


     cc   [   flag   ...   ]   file   ...     -R/opt/SUNWspro/lib
     -L/opt/SUNWspro/lib -lm9x [ library ... ]

     #include <fenv.h>

     int fesetround(int round);

     int fegetround(void);

     #include <fenv96.h>

     int fesetround96(int round);


     fesetround(round) sets the current rounding direction to the
     direction  specified by round, which must be one of the fol-
     lowing values (defined in <fenv.h>):

          FE_TONEAREST        round to nearest
          FE_UPWARD           round toward positive infinity
          FE_DOWNWARD         round toward negative infinity
          FE_TOWARDZERO       round toward zero

     The default direction is FE_TONEAREST (unless it is  changed
     by the -fround compiler flag).

     fegetround() returns the current rounding direction.


     fesetround returns zero if the requested  rounding  mode  is
     established and returns a nonzero value otherwise.


     See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

    |   ATTRIBUTE TYPE   |         ATTRIBUTE VALUE        |
    | Availability       |  SPROm9xs                      |
    | Interface Stability|  Standard, Obsolete (see below)|
    | MT-Level           |  MT-Safe                       |

     The fesetround and fegetround functions are defined  by  the
     C99  standard.   Their interface stability classification is

     In 1996, when these functions  were  initially  implemented,
     the  C99  draft  standard  defined  fesetround  to  return a
     nonzero value if the requested rounding mode is  established
     and  zero otherwise, i.e., the opposite of the definition in
     the final standard.  To accommodate the possibility that the
     standard might change, libm9x provided an alternate function
     named fesetround96 that followed the C99 draft at that time.
     This  and other functions with the "96" suffix were declared
     in the <fenv96.h> header file.  Now that C99 has been final-
     ized,  these  suffixed  functions  and the <fenv96.h> header
     file are no longer  necessary.   Their  interface  stability
     classification is Obsolete.

     The <fenv96.h> header file may be removed  in  a  subsequent
     release.   Application programs should instead use the stan-
     dard functions and the <fenv.h> header file.


     fegetenv(3M), fesetprec(3M), attributes(5)

     Numerical Computation Guide


     As shown in the synopsis, the recommended way to  link  with
     libm9x using cc is to specify

          -Rinstall-path/lib -Linstall-path/lib -lm9x

     on the command line, where install-path refers to the  loca-
     tion  in which the compilers are installed (/opt/SUNWspro by
     default).  See the Numerical  Computation  Guide  for  addi-
     tional information about linking with libm9x.