Man Page max_subnormal.3m


     ieee_values,   min_subnormal,   max_subnormal,   min_normal,
     max_normal,  infinity,  quiet_nan, signaling_nan - functions
     that return extreme values of IEEE arithmetic


     cc [ flag ... ] file ...  -lsunmath -lm [ library ... ]

     #include <sunmath.h>

     double min_subnormal(void);

     double max_subnormal(void);

     double min_normal(void);

     double max_normal(void);

     double infinity(void);

     double quiet_nan(long n);

     double signaling_nan(long n);


     These  functions  return  special  values  associated   with
     ANSI/IEEE   Std   754-1985  double-precision  floating-point
     arithmetic: the  smallest  and  largest  positive  subnormal
     numbers,   the  smallest  and  largest  positive  normalized
     numbers, positive infinity, and a quiet and  signaling  NaN.
     The  long  parameters n to quiet_nan(n) and signaling_nan(n)
     are presently unused but are  reserved  for  future  use  to
     specify the significand of the returned NaN.

     None of these functions are affected  by  IEEE  rounding  or
     trapping modes or generate any IEEE exceptions.