Man Page single_precision.3m


     single_precision - Single-precision access to libm and  lib-
     sunmath functions


     cc [ flag ... ] file ...  -lsunmath -lm [ library ... ]

     #include <sunmath.h>

     extern int signgamf;
     float acosf (float);
     float asinf (float);
     float atanf (float);
     float atan2f (float, float);
     float cosf (float);
     float sinf (float);
     float tanf (float);
     float coshf (float);
     float sinhf (float);
     float tanhf (float);
     float expf (float);
     float logf (float);
     float log10f (float);
     float powf (float, float);
     float sqrtf (float);
     float ceilf (float);
     float fabsf (float);
     float floorf (float);
     float fmodf (float, float);
     float erff (float);
     float erfcf (float);
     float gammaf (float);
     float gammaf_r (float, int *);
     float hypotf (float, float);
     int isnanf (float);
     float j0f (float);
     float j1f (float);
     float jnf (int, float);
     float lgammaf (float);
     float lgammaf_r (float, int *);
     float y0f (float);
     float y1f (float);
     float ynf (int, float);
     float acoshf (float);
     float asinhf (float);
     float atanhf (float);
     float cbrtf (float);
     float logbf (float);
     float nextafterf (float, float);
     float remainderf (float, float);
     float scalbf (float, float);
     float significandf (float);
     float copysignf (float, float);
     int finitef (float);
     enum fp_class_type fp_classf (float);
     int ilogbf (float);
     float infinityf (void);
     int irintf (float);
     int isinff (float);
     int isnormalf (float);
     int issubnormalf (float);
     int iszerof (float);
     float max_normalf (void);
     float max_subnormalf (void);
     float min_normalf (void);
     float min_subnormalf (void);
     float quiet_nanf (long);
     float scalbnf (float, int);
     float signaling_nanf (long);
     int signbitf (float);
     float expm1f (float);
     float log1pf (float);
     float rintf (float);
     float aintf (float);
     float anintf (float);
     float annuityf (float, float);
     float compoundf (float, float);
     float exp10f (float);
     float exp2f (float);
     float log2f (float);
     int nintf (float);
     void sincosf (float, float *, float *);
     float acospif (float);
     float asinpif (float);
     float atan2pif (float, float);
     float atanpif (float);
     float cospif (float);
     float sinpif (float);
     float tanpif (float);
     void sincospif (float, float *, float *);
     float acosdf (float);
     float asindf (float);
     float atan2df (float, float);
     float atandf (float);
     float cosdf (float);
     float sindf (float);
     float tandf (float);
     void sincosdf (float, float *, float *);
     float acospf (float);
     float asinpf (float);
     float atanpf (float);
     float cospf (float);
     float sinpf (float);
     float tanpf (float);
     void sincospf (float, float *, float *);
     float r_acos_ (float *);
     float r_acosd_ (float *);
     float r_acosh_ (float *);
     float r_acosp_ (float *);
     float r_acospi_ (float *);
     float r_aint_ (float *);
     float r_anint_ (float *);
     float r_annuity_ (float *, float *);
     float r_asin_ (float *);
     float r_asind_ (float *);
     float r_asinh_ (float *);
     float r_asinp_ (float *);
     float r_asinpi_ (float *);
     float r_atan_ (float *);
     float r_atan2_ (float *, float *);
     float r_atan2d_ (float *, float *);
     float r_atan2pi_ (float *, float *);
     float r_atand_ (float *);
     float r_atanh_ (float *);
     float r_atanp_ (float *);
     float r_atanpi_ (float *);
     float r_cbrt_ (float *);
     float r_ceil_ (float *);
     float r_compound_ (float *, float *);
     float r_copysign_ (float *, float *);
     float r_cos_ (float *);
     float r_cosd_ (float *);
     float r_cosh_ (float *);
     float r_cosp_ (float *);
     float r_cospi_ (float *);
     float r_erf_ (float *);
     float r_erfc_ (float *);
     float r_exp_ (float *);
     float r_exp10_ (float *);
     float r_exp2_ (float *);
     float r_expm1_ (float *);
     float r_fabs_ (float *);
     int ir_finite_ (float *);
     float r_floor_ (float *);
     float r_fmod_ (float *, float *);
     enum fp_class_type ir_fp_class_ (float *);
     float r_hypot_ (float *, float *);
     int ir_ilogb_ (float *);
     float r_infinity_ (void);
     int ir_irint_ (float *);
     int ir_isinf_ (float *);
     int ir_isnan_ (float *);
     int ir_isnormal_ (float *);
     int ir_issubnormal_ (float *);
     int ir_iszero_ (float *);
     float r_j0_ (float *);
     float r_j1_ (float *);
     float r_jn_ (int *, float *);
     float r_lgamma_ (float *);
     float r_lgamma_r_ (float *, int *);
     float r_log_ (float *);
     float r_log10_ (float *);
     float r_log1p_ (float *);
     float r_log2_ (float *);
     float r_logb_ (float *);
     float r_max_normal_ (void);
     float r_max_subnormal_ (void);
     float r_min_normal_ (void);
     float r_min_subnormal_ (void);
     float r_nextafter_ (float *, float *);
     int ir_nint_ (float *);
     float r_pow_ (float *, float *);
     float r_quiet_nan_ (long *);
     float r_remainder_ (float *, float *);
     float r_rint_ (float *);
     float r_scalb_ (float *, float *);
     float r_scalbn_ (float *, int *);
     float r_signaling_nan_ (long *);
     int ir_signbit_ (float *);
     float r_significand_ (float *);
     float r_sin_ (float *);
     void r_sincos_ (float *, float *, float *);
     void r_sincosd_ (float *, float *, float *);
     void r_sincosp_ (float *, float *, float *);
     void r_sincospi_ (float *, float *, float *);
     float r_sind_ (float *);
     float r_sinh_ (float *);
     float r_sinp_ (float *);
     float r_sinpi_ (float *);
     float r_sqrt_ (float *);
     float r_tan_ (float *);
     float r_tand_ (float *);
     float r_tanh_ (float *);
     float r_tanp_ (float *);
     float r_tanpi_ (float *);
     float r_y0_ (float *);
     float r_y1_ (float *);
     float r_yn_ (int *, float *);


     These functions are single-precision version of certain libm
     and libsunmath functions.