Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

Listing Debugging Information for Modules

The module command and its options help you to keep track of program modules during the course of a debugging session. Use the module command to read in debugging information for one or all modules. Normally, dbx automatically and “lazily” reads in debugging information for modules as needed.

To read in debugging information for a module name, type:

(dbx) module [-f] [-q] name

To read in debugging information for all modules, type:

(dbx) module [-f] [-q] -a



Specifies all modules


Forces reading of debugging information, even if the file is newer than the executable.


Specifies quiet mode.


Specifies verbose mode, which prints language, file names, and so on. This is the default.

To print the name of the current module, type:

(dbx) module