Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

Showing Intrinsic Functions

dbx recognizes Fortran intrinsic functions (SPARC platforms and x86 platforms only).

To show an intrinsic function in dbx, type:

demo% cat ShowIntrinsic.f
    i = -2
(dbx) stop in MAIN
(2) stop in MAIN
(dbx) run
Running: shi
(process id 18019)
stopped in MAIN at line 2 in file "shi.f"
    2              i = -2
(dbx) whatis abs
Generic intrinsic function: "abs"
(dbx) print i
i = 0
(dbx) step
stopped in MAIN at line 3 in file "shi.f"
    3              end
(dbx) print i
i = -2
(dbx) print abs(1)
abs(i) = 2