Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

collector hw_profile Command

The collector hw_profile command specifies options for collecting hardware-counter overflow profiling data.


collector hwprofile on|off

By default, hardware-counter overflow profile data is not collected. To collect this data, specify on.

collector hwprofile list

Print out the list of available counters.

collector hwprofile counter name interval [name2 interval2]

Specify hardware counter names and intervals.


name is the name of a hardware counter.

interval is the collection interval in milliseconds.

name2 is the name of a second hardware counter.

interval2 is the collection interval in milliseconds.

Hardware counters are system-specific, so the choice of counters available to you depends on the system you are using. Many systems do not support hardware-counter overflow profiling. On these machines, the feature is disabled.