Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

dis Command

The dis command disassembles machine instructions. It is valid only in native mode.


dis [ -a ] address [/count]

Disassemble count instructions (default is 10), starting at address address.

dis address1, address2

Disassemble instructions from address1 through address2.


Disassemble 10 instructions, starting at the value of + (see examine Command).


address is the address at which to start disassembling. The default value of address is the address after the last address previously assembled. This value is shared by the examine command (see examine Command).

address1 is the address at which to start disassembling.

address2 is the address at which to stop disassembling.

count is the number of instructions to disassemble. The default value of count is 10.



When used with a function address, disassembles the entire function. When used without parameters, disassembles the remains of the current visiting function, if any.