Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

rtc skippatch Command

The rtc skippatch command excludes load objects, object files and functions from being instrumented by runtime checking. The effect of the command is permanent to each dbx session unless the load object is unloaded explicitly.

Since dbx does not track memory access in load objects, object files, and functions affected by this command, incorrect rui errors might be reported for functions that were not skipped. dbx cannot determine whether an rui error was introduced by this command, so such an error was not suppressed automatically.


rtc skippatch load_object ...

Exclude the specified load objects from being instrumented.

rtc skippatch load_object [-o object_file ...] [-f function ...]

Exclude the specified object files and functions in the specified load object from being instrumented.


load_object is the name of a load object or the path to the name of a load object.

object_file is the name of an object file.

function is the name of a function.