Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

tracei Command

The tracei command shows machine instructions, function calls, or variable changes. It is valid only in native mode.

tracei is really a shorthand for trace event-specification -instr where the -instr modifier causes tracing to happen at instruction granularity instead of source line granularity. When the event occurs, the printed information is in disassembly format instead of source line format.


tracei step

Trace each machine instruction.

tracei next -in function

Trace each instruction while in the given function.

tracei at address_expression

Trace the instruction at address.

tracei in function

Trace calls to and returns from the given function.

tracei inmember function

Trace calls to any member function named function.

tracei infunction function

Trace when any function named function is called.

tracei inclass class

Trace calls to any member function of class.

tracei change variable

Trace changes to the variable.


filename is the name of the file to which you want trace output sent.

function is the name of a function.

line is the number of a source code line.

class is the name of a class.

variable is the name of a variable.

See trace Command for more information.