Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

unsuppress Command

The unsuppress command undoes suppress commands. It is valid only in native mode.



History of suppressandunsuppress commands (not those specifying the -d and -reset options).

unsuppress -d

List of errors being unsuppressed in functions that are not compiled for debugging. This list is per loadobject. Any other errors can be suppressed only by using the suppress command (see suppress Command) with the -d option.

unsuppress -d errors

Modify the default suppressions for all loadobjects by further unsuppressing errors.

unsuppress -d errors in loadobjects

Modify the default suppressions in the loadobjects by further unsuppressing errors.

unsuppress -last

At error location unsuppress present error.

unsuppress -reset

Set the default suppression mask to the original value (startup time).

unsuppress errors

Unsuppress errors everywhere.

unsuppress errors in [functions] [files] [loadobjects]

Suppress errors in list of functions, list of files, and list of loadobjects.

unsuppress errors at line

Unsuppress errors at line.

unsuppress errors at "file"line

Unsuppress errors at line in file.

unsuppress errors addr address

Unsuppress errors at location address.