Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

Quitting Debugging

A dbx session runs from the time you start dbx until you quit dbx; you can debug any number of programs in succession during a dbx session.

To quit a dbx session, type quit at the dbx prompt.

(dbx) quit

When you start dbx and attach it to a running process using the process_id option, the process survives and continues when you quit the debugging session. dbx performs an implicit detach before quitting the session.

Stopping a Process Execution

You can stop execution of a process at any time by pressing Ctrl+C without leaving dbx.

Detaching a Process From dbx

If you have attached dbx to a process, you can detach the process from dbx without killing it or the dbx session by using the detach command.

To detach a process from dbx without killing the process, type:

(dbx) detach

You can detach a process and leave it in a stopped state while you temporarily apply other /proc-based debugging tools that might be blocked when dbx has exclusive access. For more information, see Detaching dbx From a Process.

For more information on the detach command, see detach Command.

Killing a Program Without Terminating the Session

The dbx kill command terminates debugging of the current process as well as killing the process. However, the kill command preserves the dbx session itself leaving dbx ready to debug another program.

Killing a program is a good way of eliminating the remains of a program you were debugging without exiting dbx.

To kill a program executing in dbx, type:

(dbx) kill

For more information, see kill Command.