Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

Navigating To Functions

You can use the func command to navigate to a function. To navigate to a function, type the command func followed by the function name. For example:

(dbx) func adjust_speed

The func command by itself echoes the current function.

For more information, see func Command

Selecting From a List of C++ Ambiguous Function Names

If you try to navigate to a C++ member function with an ambiguous name or an overloaded function name, a list is displayed, showing all functions with the overloaded name. Type the number of the function you want to navigate. If you know which specific class a function belongs to, you can type the class name and function name. For example:

(dbx) func block::block

Choosing Among Multiple Occurrences

If multiple symbols are accessible from the same scope level, dbx prints a message reporting the ambiguity.

(dbx) func main
(dbx) which C::foo
More than one identifier ’foo’.
Select one of the following:
 0) Cancel
 1) ”a.out””C::foo(int)
 2) ”a.out””C::foo()

In the context of the which command, choosing from the list of occurrences does not affect the state of dbx or the program. Whichever occurrence you choose, dbx echoes the name.