Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

Moving to a Specific Frame

The frame command is similar to the up command and down command. It lets you go directly to the frame as given by numbers displayed by the where command.

frame -h
frame [-h] number
frame [-h] +[number]
frame [-h] -[number]

The frame command without an argument displays the current frame number. With number, the command lets you go directly to the frame indicated by the number. By including a + (plus sign) or - (minus sign), the command lets you move an increment of one level up (+) or down (-). If you include a plus or minus sign with a number, you can move up or down the specified number of levels. The- h option includes any hidden frames in the count.

You can also move to a specific frame using the pop command (see Popping the Call Stack).