Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Debugging a Program With dbx

Java Mode Syntax

call [class_name.|object_name.] method_name ([parameters]}


class_name is the name of a Java class, using either the package path (using period (.) as a qualifier for example, test1.extra.T1.Inner) or the full path name (preceded by a pound sign (#) and using slash (/) and dollar sign ($) as qualifiers; for example, #test1/extra/T1$Inner). Enclose class_name in quotation marks if you use the $ qualifier.

object_name is the name of a Java object.

method_name is the name of a Java method.

parameters are the method’s parameters.

Occasionally the called method hits a breakpoint. You can choose to continue using the cont command (see cont Command, or abort the call by using pop -c (see pop Command). The latter is useful also if the called method causes a segmentation fault.