Sun Studio 12 Update 1: C++ User's Guide

A.2.84 –Rpathname[:pathname…]

Builds dynamic library search paths into the executable file.

This option is passed to ld.

A.2.84.1 Defaults

If the -R option is not present, the library search path that is recorded in the output object and passed to the runtime linker depends upon the target architecture instruction specified by the -xarch option (when -xarch is not present, -xarch=generic is assumed).

Examine the output from —dryrun and the —R option passed to the linker, ld, to see the default paths assumed by the compiler.


This option accumulates instead of overrides.

If the LD_RUN_PATH environment variable is defined and the –R option is specified, then the path from –R is scanned and the path from LD_RUN_PATH is ignored.

See also

–norunpath, Linker and Libraries Guide