Sun Studio 12 Update 1: C++ User's Guide

A.2.129 -xia

Links the appropriate interval arithmetic libraries and sets a suitable floating-point environment.

Note –

The C++ interval arithmetic library is compatible with interval arithmetic as implemented in the Fortran compiler.

On x86 platforms, requires support of SSE2 instruction set.

A.2.129.1 Expansions

The -xia option is a macro that expands to -fsimple=0 -ftrap=%none -fns=no -library=interval. If you use intervals and override what is set by -xia by specifying a different flag for -fsimple, -ftrap, -fns or -library, you may cause the compiler to exhibit incorrect behavior.


To use the interval arithmetic libraries, include <suninterval.h>.

When you use the interval arithmetic libraries, you must include one of the following libraries: libC, Cstd, or iostreams. See -library for information on including these libraries.


If you use intervals and you specify different values for -fsimple, -ftrap, or -fns, then your program may have incorrect behavior.

C++ interval arithmetic is experimental and evolving. The specifics may change from release to release.

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