Sun Studio 12 Update 1: C++ User's Guide

A.2.171 -xprofile_ircache[=path]

(SPARC) Use -xprofile_ircache[=path] with -xprofile=collect|use to improve compilation time during the use phase by reusing compilation data saved from the collect phase.

With large programs, compilation time in the use phase can improve significantly because the intermediate data is saved. Note that the saved data could increase disk space requirements considerably.

When you use -xprofile_ircache[=path], path overrides the location where the cached files are saved. By default, these files are saved in the same directory as the object file. Specifying a path is useful when the collect and use phases happen in two different directories. Here’s a typical sequence of commands:

example% CC -xO5 -xprofile=collect -xprofile_ircache
example% a.out    // run collects feedback data
example% CC -xO5 -xprofile=use -xprofile_ircache