Sun Studio 12 Update 1 Installation Guide

ProcedureUsing the Uninstallation Workaround Script to Fix a Failed Installation or Uninstallation

  1. Download the uninstallation workaround script tar file from the Sun Download Center into a directory of your choice.

  2. Unpack the file by typing:

    bzcat download_directory/sunstudio12u1_uninstaller.bash.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -zf -
  3. If you are not currently superuser (root), become superuser by typing:

    Password: root-password
  4. Start the script by typing:


    If the Sun Studio software you want to uninstall was installed in an alternate root location, start the script with the -R option to specify the alternate root directory.

  5. The script analyzes your system and locates all complete or partial installations of Sun Studio 12 Update 1 software. For example, it might tell you that it has found the software in /opt/sunstudio12.1 because it finds package entries in the product registry even though you do not see a sunstudio12.1 directory in /opt.

  6. The script asks you to confirm that you want to install the software it has located. If the script has located one installation, type yes to indicate that you want it to remove that installation. If it has located multiple installations, type the pathname of the installation you want it to remove.

  7. The script executes pkgrm commands for all of the packages in the selected installation. It automatically interacts with pkgrm, answering yes when pkgrm asks for confirmation that a package should be removed, so do not type y when you see questions from pkgrm.

  8. The script informs you when all of the packages have been removed. Your Sun Studio 12 Update 1 software has been successfully uninstalled and you can reinstall it if you wish.