Sun Studio 12 Update 1: OpenMP API User's Guide

3.4 Dynamic Adjustment of Threads

The implementation provides the ability to dynamically adjust the number of threads. Dynamic adjustment is enabled by default. Set the OMP_DYNAMIC environment variable to FALSE, or call the omp_set_dynamic() routine with the appropriate argument, to disable dynamic adjustment.

When a thread encounters a parallel construct, the number of threads delivered by this implementation is determined according to Algorithm 2.1 pp. 35-36 in the OpenMP 3.0 Specification. In exceptional situations, such as when there is a lack of system resources, the number of threads supplied will be less than described in Algorithm 2.1. In these situations, if SUNW_MP_WARN is set to TRUE or a callback function is registered via a call to sunw_mp_register_warn(), a warning message will be issued.