Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Performance Analyzer


Write the function list with the currently selected metrics. The function list includes all functions in load objects that are selected for display of functions, and any load objects whose functions are hidden with the object_select command.

You can limit the number of lines written by using the limit command (see Commands That Control Output).

The default metrics printed are exclusive and inclusive user CPU time, in both seconds and percentage of total program metric. You can change the current metrics displayed with the metrics command, which you must issue before you issue the functions command. You can also change the defaults with the dmetrics command in an .er.rc file.

For applications written in the Java programming language, the displayed function information varies depending on whether the View mode is set to user, expert, or machine.

In all three modes, data is reported in the usual way for any C, C++, or Fortran code called by a Java target.