Sun Studio 12 Update 1: Performance Analyzer

Dataspace Profiling

A dataspace profile is a data collection in which memory- related events, such as cache misses, are reported against the data-object references that cause the events rather than just the instructions where the memory-related events occur. Dataspace profiling is not available on Linux systems.

To allow dataspace profiling, the target must be a C program, compiled for the SPARC architecture, with the -xhwcprof flag and -xdebugformat=dwarf -g flag. Furthermore, the data collected must be hardware counter profiles for memory-related counters and the optional + sign must be prepended to the counter name. The Performance Analyzer includes two tabs related to dataspace profiling, the DataObject tab and the DataLayout tab, and various tabs for memory objects.

Dataspace profiling can also be done with clock-profiling, by prepending a plus sign ( + ) to the profiling interval.