Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

RequiredModelMBean Class

The required model MBean is mandated by the JMX specification for all compliant implementations. It is a dynamic MBean that lacks any predefined management interface. It contains a generic implementation that transmits management requests on its management interface to the target objects that define its managed resource.

The name of the required model MBean class is the same for all JMX-compliant implementations. Its full package and class name is By instantiating this class, any application can use model MBeans.

In order to be useful, the instance of the required model MBean must be given a management interface and the target object of the management resource. In addition, the model MBean metadata must contain descriptors for configuring how the model MBean will respond to management requests. We will cover these steps in subsequent sections.

The MBean server does not make any special distinction for model MBeans. Internally they are treated as the dynamic MBeans that they are, and all of the model MBean's internal mechanisms and configurations are completely transparent to a management application. Like all other managed resources in the MBean server, the resources available through the model MBean can only be accessed through the attributes and operations defined in the management interface.