Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

Running the Relation Service Example

The examplesDir/Relation directory contains all of the files for the agent application and the associated MBeans.

To Run the Relation Service Example
  1. Compile all files in this directory with the javac command. For example, on the Solaris platform with the Korn shell, type:

    $ cd examplesDir/Relation/
    $ javac -classpath classpath *.java
  2. Start the relation service application with the following command. Be sure that the classes for the SimpleRelationType and SimpleRelation MBean can be found in its classpath.

    $ java -classpath classpath RelationAgent

    When started, the application first creates the RelationService MBean and then begins its long demonstration of operations on roles, types and relations. The output of each step is separated by a horizontal line to detect its starting point in the scrolling display.

  3. Press Enter to step through the example when the application pauses, or press Control-C at any time to exit.