Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

SNMP Master Agent and the SNMPv3 Proxy Forwarder

The Java DMK 5.0 SNMP master agent is clearly distinct from the SNMPv3 proxy forwarder application as described in RFC 2573 SNMPv3 Applications, and must not be confused with it. The distinction is as follows:

The SNMP master agent functionality is thus particularly dedicated to the integration of legacy SNMP agents, in cases where the manager must see only a single entity. An example of such an SNMP master agent is snmpdx on the Solaris operating environment. The proxy forwarder application is more generally used as a firewall, to route information from a public node to agents running in a private network, or to add an additional security layer (for example, SNMPv3 security) to unsecured agents.

Both applications, master agent and proxy forwarder, share a common set of functions, for example, transferring information from one version of the SNMP protocol to another. However, their scope of application is different, and the problems they address are distinct. Java DMK 5.0 supports only the master agent, and does not support the proxy forwarder.