Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

MBean Filtering

When the cascading service MBean is instantiated, you can pass it an object name pattern and a query expression. These will be applied to the list of MBeans in the subagent to determine those that will be mirrored in the master agent. The filtering will be in effect for the life of the cascading service connected to this MBean.

Filtering the mirrored MBeans reduces the number of MBeans in the master agent. It also provides a way of identifying mirror MBeans in the master agent, as in our example where cascading is limited to MBeans in the CascadedDomain.

Both the object name pattern and query expression will be used to filter any new MBean that is registered in the subagent. If the new MBean meets the filter criteria, it will become visible and mirrored in the master agent. Since the query expression applies to attribute values of the MBean, you must be careful to initialize the new MBean before registering it so that its values are significant when the filter is applied by the cascading service.