Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

Starting the SNMP Adaptor

We start the SNMP adaptor in the same way that we start the HTML adaptor. First we create a meaningful object name for its MBean, then we instantiate the class with a constructor enabling us to specify a non-default port, we register the MBean with the MBean server, and we start the adaptor to make it active.

By default, the SNMP protocol adaptor uses the standard SNMP port 161. Because other applications might be using this port on a host, our simple agent uses port 8085. When we connect to this agent, our SNMP manager must specify this non-standard port number.

Note –

On certain platforms, applications also require superuser privileges to assign the default SNMP port 161. If your SNMP adaptor uses this port, its agent application must be started with superuser privileges.