Java Dynamic Management Kit 5.0 Tutorial

Creating Users for SNMPv3 USM MIBs

The SNMPv3 USM implemented in Java DMK 5.0 enables you to create users remotely in an SNMPv3 agent by accessing a MIB that has been registered in the SNMPv3 adaptor server. By default, the USM MIB is not registered in the adaptor server. You can register a MIB in the adaptor server by calling registerUsmMib.

$ snmpV3AdaptorServer.registerUsmMib()

Caution – Caution –

You can use registerUsmMib to register your MIB in the MBean server, making it available via the HTML server. This can be useful for debugging purposes, but this can also represent a security breach.

The CreateUsmMibUser example in the examplesDir/Snmp/UsmMib directory is a tool that uses the SNMPv3 manager API to instantiate a new user in an agent USM MIB. CreateUsmMibUser performs authenticated and encrypted communication with the agent Agent, which is found in the same directory.

The complete code for the CreateUsmMibUser example is too long to show here, but the process that it goes through to create new users remotely can be summarized as follows:

To Run the CreateUsmMibUser Example
  1. If you have not already done so, build and compile the examples in examplesDir/Snmp/UsmMib.

    Type the following commands:

    $ javac -classpath classpath -d . *.java
  2. Make sure that no other agents are running in examplesDir/Snmp/UsmMib, and start Agent.

    $ java -classpath classpath Agent

    Note –

    The file must be writable if CreateUsmMibUser is to be able to add new user entries.

  3. In another window, start the CreateUsmMibUser example.

    When starting CreateUsmMibUser, you must point it to the configuration file, and specify the user name, the security level, the agent's host name and the port on which the agent is running. In this example, the security level is authentication and privacy enabled, and the agent is running on the local host.

    $ java -classpath classpath 
    CreateUsmMibUser defaultUser authPriv localhost 8085

    You will see the following output:

    Initializing creator.
    Ready for new user inputs.
  4. When prompted, provide the configuration information for your new user.

    The information you provide must correspond to users that you have already configured into your manager's security file. In this example, we are remotely adding the user myNewUser that is defined in to the agent Agent. You therefore provide the following information, all of which is found in the file. You can enter any value for the auth key random and the priv key ramdom.

    Type the engine Id :0x000000000000000000000002
    Type the new user name :myNewUser
    Type the clone from user name :defaultUser
    Type the security level :authPriv
    Type the old priv password :maplesyrup
    Type the new priv password :newsyrup
    Type the priv key random :00000000000000000000000000000000
    Type the auth protocol :usmHMACMD5AuthProtocol
    Type the old auth password :maplesyrup
    Type the new auth password :newsyrup
    Type the auth key random :00000000000000000000000000000000

    You will see the following output:

    ********** Input summary ************ 
            * Engine Id : 0x000000000000000000000002
            * New user name : myNewUser
            * Clone from : defaultUser
            * Security level : authPriv
            * Old priv password : maplesyrup
            * New priv password : newsyrup
            * Priv key random : 00000000000000000000000000000000
            * Auth protocol : usmHMACMD5AuthProtocol
            * Old auth password : maplesyrup
            * New auth password : newsyrup
            * Auth key random : 00000000000000000000000000000000
    Do you agree (yes, no) [yes]:
  5. Press Enter to confirm your inputs.

    You should see the following confirmation:

    ***** New user [myNewUser] created.
    ***** Doing Priv key change
    ***** Priv key change DONE.
    ***** Doing Auth key change
    ***** Auth key change DONE.
    ***** Setting row status to active.
    ***** Setting row status to active DONE.
    ***** Making a sanity check get request on the spin 
    lock with the newly created 
    user [myNewUser] PRESS RETURN.
  6. Press Enter to perform the sanity check.

    You should see the following confirmation:

    Ready for new user inputs.
    Type the engine Id (return to accept) [0x000000000000000000000002]:

    You are then invited to provide configuration information for any other users you want to allow to access Agent.

  7. Check that the new user has been granted access to the agent by looking at the agent's file.

    You should see a new userEntry for the new user in the file.

    Example 20–11 for Agent File after Running CreateUsmMibUser


  8. When you have added all your new users, press Control C in both windows to stop both Agent and CreateUsmMibUser