Sun Management Center 4.0 Installation and Configuration Guide

Stopping Components on the Solaris Platform

This section describes how to stop Sun Management Center components using the graphical user interface or the command-line script.

Stopping Components Using es-guistop

The graphical user interface wizard enables you to stop specific Sun Management Center components as described in the following procedure.

ProcedureTo Stop Sun Management Center Components Using es-guistop

  1. Log in as root on the machine on which you want to stop Sun Management Center components.

  2. Change to the /opt/SUNWsymon/sbin directory.

  3. Run the stop wizard by typing:

    # ./es-guistop

    The Select Components to Stop screen appears.

    Depending on the components installed on the machine, you might have one or more of the following options to select:

    • Stop Server Components

    • Stop Sun Management Center Agent

    • Stop Default Platform Agent

    • Stop Instance of Platform Agent

  4. Select the components that you want to stop and then click Next.

    The Stopping Components screen appears. The status of each component is listed.

Stopping Components Using es-stop

The es-stop command-line script enables you to stop specific Sun Management Center components. The syntax of the es-stop command is as follows:

es-stop -ahlYAS [-y instance-name]

Note –

On Solaris 10, es-stop stops the services managed by SMF.

The following table describes the es-stop command parameters.

Table 8–2 es-stop Options


Modifying Options 




Stop the Sun Management Center agent 



List the options for es-stop



Stop the platform agent 



Stop the platform agent instance named instance-name



Stop all instances of platform agents 



Stop all Sun Management Center components except the console 



Stop all Sun Management Center server and server subcomponents 

The following examples show how to use es-stop and its parameters.

To stop all Sun Management Center processes, type:

# /opt/SUNWsymon/sbin/es-stop -A

To stop all Sun Management Center processes except the agent, type:

# /opt/SUNWsymon/sbin/es-stop -S