Sun Management Center 4.0 Release Notes

Workgroup Server Bugs

Selecting the Alarm Tab on Sun Fire V880 and Sun Fire V480 Servers Causes Alarm Alert Messages (6317433)

On Sun Fire V880 and Sun Fire V480 servers with two objects, an Alarm Alert message similar to the following appears when you select the Alarm Tab on the discovered object.

The following alert message might be displayed:

Unable to get event management information from agent. Agent was busy or down. Will default to local event manager.

Most likely, this alert message is incorrect and the agent is working properly.

Clicking OK causes the alarm tab table to default to local event management. If the detail window of the discovered object is closed and opened again, clicking the alarm tab causes the same alert message to be displayed.

Workaround: None.

Incorrect Processor Type in Hardware Rules Table of Sun Fire V890 Servers on Solaris 10 (6318026)

Sun Fire V890 servers are shipped with UltraSparc-IV processors. However, the Property column of the Hardware Rules table incorrectly displays “Correctable Memory Error, Ultra Sparc III” and “I/O Correctable Error, Ultra Sparc III” as the processor type.

Workaround: None.