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iPlanet Calendar Server Installtion Guide


This manual describes how to install iPlanet Calendar Server (iCS) version 5.0 and its accompanying software components. For the most recent information about known problems with this release, please see the iPlanet Calendar Server release notes listed online at:

Who Should Read This Manual

You should read this manual if you are responsible for installing and deploying iCS 5.0 at your site. If you already have installed iPlanet Calendar Server version 2.x on your system, you can install version 5.0 which can either co-exist on the same system or you can migrate the 2.x calendar data and user information to version 5.0. If you have already installed iPlanet Calendar Server version 5.0 on this system, you can either upgrade the previous installation or you can choose to remove it and install a totally new installation.

Conventions Used in This Manual

Monospaced font — This typeface is used for any text that appears on the computer screen or text that you should type. It is also used for filenames, distinguished names, functions, and examples.

Italicized Monospaced font — This typeface represents text that you enter using information that is unique to your installation. It is used for server directory paths and names as well as account IDs. For example, throughout this document you will see directory path references in the form:


In these situations, server-root represents the directory location in which you installed the server. For example:

  • The default installation on Solaris uses the path: /opt/SUNWics5/ as the server-root for the software files. Therefore, if you choose the default installation directory, server-root/cal represents:


  • On Unix systems other than Solaris, the default installation location is: /opt/iPlanet/CalendarServer5/, in which case server-root/cal represents:


  • On Windows NT, the default installation location is: c:\Program Files\iPlanet\CalendarServer5\, in which case server-root/cal represents:

    c:\Program Files\iPlanet\CalendarServer5\cal


In this guide, the conventions for a Solaris installation are used. If you are running iPlanet Calendar Server on a Unix operating system other than Solaris or on Windows NT, you should assume the file path equivalents of your operating system whenever Solaris file paths are shown.

What is in This Guide

If you want to...


Prepare for installing iPlanet Calendar Server.

Chapter 1 "Preparing for Installation

Install iPlanet Calendar Server on Unix.

Chapter 2 "Installing iPlanet Calendar Server on Unix

Install iPlanet Calendar Server on Windows NT.

Chapter 3 "Installing iPlanet Calendar Server on Windows NT

Migrate calendar from iPlanet Calendar Server version 2.x.

Chapter 4 "Migrating iPlanet Calendar Server Data

Find information in the guide.


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