Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

Chapter 1 Planning Your Installation

The following sections describe the Identity Manager installation process and provide information on how to plan your installation.

Note –

For information about upgrading to Sun Identity Manager 8.1, refer to the Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Upgrade guide.

Installation Task Flow

This guide is organized into parts to help guide you through the installation process. For example, you only need to read the chapters that apply to your choice of application server and database.

Part I, Preparing to Install Identity Manager

Part II, Installing Identity Manager

Part III, Installing Optional Components

Part IV, Starting, Configuring, and Registering Identity Manager

Part V, Appendices

Supported Software and Environments

Refer to Supported Software and Environments in Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Release Notes for detailed information about software and environments that are compatible with Identity Manager.

Installing in a Cluster Configuration

Refer to Chapter 3, Clustering and High Availability, in Sun Identity Manager Overview for information on clustering.

Installing Sun Identity Manager Service Provider

These installation instructions apply to Sun Identity Manager and Sun Identity Manager Service Provider.