Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

Decide Where to Store Application Files

You must create the directory where you will store application files before launching the installation program. You can store application files in a staging directory, or you can install into your application server’s Web application directory.

Using a Staging Directory

Because Identity Manager applications are based on J2EETM Web, you can store them in a staging directory. This staging directory is used to deploy the application into your specific application server. Typically, a Web Application Archive (.war) file is created for use in the deployment steps.

Using a Web Application Directory

You may choose to install directly into an application server’s Web application directory. In this case, you will specify the Web application directory during installation. The installation program will place the Identity Manager files in a folder named idm in that location by default.

Note –

If you use a localfiles repository instead of a database, set the localfiles repository to a location outside of the Identity Manager directory on the application server. See If You Are Not Using a Database for more information.