Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

Step 2. Deploy Identity Manager on Oracle Application Server

ProcedureTo Deploy Identity Manager on Oracle Application Server

  1. Open a command prompt, then change to the staging directory where you installed the Identity Manager files. (This is the directory you specified in Step 1: Install the Identity Manager Software in the procedure Step 1: Install the Identity Manager Software)

  2. Create a .war file with the Identity Manager files by using the jar.exe (on Windows) or jar (on UNIX) command:

    c:\java1.5\bin\jar.exe cvf ..\idm.war * /usr/bin/jar cvf ../idm.war *

  3. Launch your application server and log in to the Oracle Application Server Control Console.

  4. Navigate to the Cluster Topology page. Select View by Application Servers. Then select the OC4J name link.

  5. On the OC4J Home page, click the Applications link.

  6. Click the Deploy... button.

  7. In the Archive text box, enter the file path for the idm.war file.

  8. In the Deployment Plan section, select Automatically create a new deployment plan. Then click Next.

  9. When the Deploy: Application Attributes page displays, set the Application Name to idm. Set the Context Root to /idm, and then click Next.

  10. Set any Deployment Settings as necessary for your site.

  11. Click the Deploy button. The console displays a confirmation page when Identity Manager has been deployed.