Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation


ProcedureTo Install the Identity Manager Gateway

Before You Begin

Select the Windows machine on which to install the Gateway. It must be a member of the domain in which the accounts and other objects will be managed (the managed domain) or a member of a domain that is trusted by the managed domain. The Gateway does not need to run on a domain controller.

Note –

For better performance, the Gateway should be located near (from a network connectivity perspective) the domain controllers of the managed domain.

  1. If you are selecting a system that is not the Identity Manager server, then:

    1. Create a directory called idm on the remote system.

    2. Copy the file from the Identity Manager installation package.

    3. Unpack and copy the contents of the file to the idm directory.

  2. From the directory where the Gateway files are installed, run the following command to install the Gateway as a service:gateway -i

  3. Run the following command to start the Gateway service:gateway -s

    Note –
    • You can stop the Gateway service by running the command:gateway -k

    • You can also start and stop the Gateway by following these steps:

      1. Open the Windows Control Panel.

      2. Open Services. (In Windows, Services is located in Administrative Tools.)

      3. Select Identity Manager Gateway.

      4. Click Start or Stop.