Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

Servlet 2.3 Data Sources

As of the Identity Manager 6.0 release, the deployment descriptor in the WEB-INF/web.xml file refers to Servlet 2.3. Because of this, the Identity Manager web application can no longer be used with a WebSphere application server version 4 data source.

Note –

Due to interoperability issues between WebSphere data sources and Oracle JDBC drivers, Oracle customers who want to use a WebSphere data source with Identity Manager must use Oracle 10g R2 and the corresponding JDBC driver. (The Oracle 9 JDBC driver will not work with a WebSphere data source and Identity Manager.) If you have a version of Oracle prior to 10g R2 and cannot upgrade Oracle to 10g R2, then configure the Identity Manager repository so that it connects to the Oracle database using Oracle’s JDBC Driver Manager (and not a WebSphere data source).

ProcedureTo Configure a WebSphere Data Source for Identity Manager

  1. Configure a JDBC provider.

  2. Configure a WebSphere JDBC Data Source.

  3. Point the repository to the data source.

    These steps are discussed next.