Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

Configuring a JBoss Data Source for Identity Manager

Refer to the documentation provided with the JBoss application server for detailed information about creating and configuring a data source.

ProcedureTo Create the Data Source

  1. Copy the JDBC driver classes for your database type to the lib directory of your server configuration, for example JBossInstallDir\server\default\lib.

  2. Create a data source configuration file. These end in -ds.xml. Example files can be found in JBossInstallDir\docs\examples\jca. The file should configure a local transaction data source.

  3. Copy the configuration file to the deploy directory on your server configuration, for example JBossInstallDir\server\default\lib.

ProcedureTo Point Identity Manager to the Data Source

  1. Make sure that the WSHOME and JAVA_HOME environment variables are set correctly.

  2. Set the repository using the lh command and the no check option:

    lh setRepo -n -ofile -ttype -iInitContextFactory -fDataSourcePath

    For example:

    lh setRepo -n -oServerRepository.xml -tOracle 
    -iorg.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory -fjava:DatasourceName

    Note –

    The lh setRepo command is documented in Appendix F, setRepo Reference.

  3. Make a backup copy of the ServerRepository.xml file located in %WSHOME%\WEB-INF (Windows) or $WSHOME/WEB-INF (UNIX).

  4. Copy the new ServerRepository.xml config file to %WSHOME%\WEB-INF (Windows) or $WSHOME/WEB-INF (UNIX).

  5. Create a .war file from WSHOME

  6. Copy the idm.war file to your server configuration.

  7. Start the JBoss server.