Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation


setRepo [location_flags] [options]




-d databaseName

dbName in URL. The default name is waveset. Ignored if the -u flag is specified.

-D propsPath

Path to Properties file (JDBC/JNDI Connection Properties) 

-f filepath

Filesystem path for LocalFiles (JNDI RDN for DataSource) 

-h hostName

Host name URL. Ignored if the -u flag is specified.

-i initCtxFac

Name of the InitialContextFactory class for JNDI

-j jdbcDriver

JDBC Driver class. (The default is DBMS-specific.) 

-p portNumber

Port number in URL. Ignored if the -u flag is specified.

-P password

Password for JDBC connection. 

-t type

Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, or LocalFiles 

-u url

URL for JDBC connection (overrides the -d, -h, and -p flags)

-U username

User name for JDBC connection. 




-A administrator

Administrator username. The default username is configurator.

-C credentials

Administrator password (if changed from default) 


Current (print current location to stdout) 


Verbose (print configuration to stdout) 


No checks. Use with the –o flag when the new location is unreachable, or with -c when current location is unreachable from the command line environment.

-o outfile

Output file path. Use this if the new location is unreachable. Write the config file, but DO NOT update the server and DO NOT check the new location. 


Note –

If any parameters contain a shell escape or illegal characters, use double quotation marks around them to avoid failures. For example, the ";", "&", "&&", "|", and "||" characters cause these failures.

The following is an example containing arguments for a direct JDBC driver connection:

{-toracle { -u$url | -h$host [-p$port] [-d$dbname] } [-U$userid \
-P$pwd] [-D$propsPath]
| -tmysql [ -u$url | [-h$host] [-p$port] [-d$dbname] ] [-U$userid \
-P$pwd] [-D$propsPath]
| -tsqls { -u$url | -h$host [-p$port] [-d$dbname] } [-U$userid \
-P$pwd] [-D$propsPath]
| -tdb2 { -u$url | -h$host [-p$port] [-d$dbname] } [-U$userid \
 -P$pwd] [-D$propsPath]

The following is an example containing arguments that specify a direct DataSource connection:

| -toracle -i$initCtxFac -f$path [-u$providerUrl] [-U$userid \
 -P$pwd] [-D$propsPath]
| -tmysql -i$initCtxFac -f$path [-u$providerUrl] [-U$userid -P$pwd] \
| -tsqlserver -i$initCtxFac -f$path [-u$providerUrl] [-U$userid \
-P$pwd] [-D$propsPath]
| -tdb2 -i$initCtxFac -f$path [-u$providerUrl] [-U$userid -P$pwd] \