Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

ProcedureTo Prepare DB2 for Use with Identity Manager

  1. Install DB2 or confirm the connection to a DB2 database.

  2. Connect to the DB2 instance as a user with privileges to create users and tables.

  3. Create the database. To do this:

    1. Copy the create_waveset_tables.db2 script to a temporary location. This script is located in the db_scripts directory in the Identity Manager installation package, and also in the idm\sample directory if Identity Manager is already installed.

    2. Modify the create_waveset_tables.db2 script:

      • Change the user password.

      • Change the path for the CREATE_TABLESPACE command to a location appropriate for your environment.

      Your database administrator may want to modify the script to meet site-specific requirements for backup, replications, disk allocation, distribution, or other considerations.

      Create the new tables by using the following command:

      On Windows

      db2 -tvf create_waveset_tables.db2

      On UNIX

      db2 -tvf create_waveset_tables.db2