Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

ProcedureTo Point the Identity Manager Repository to the Data Source

  1. Set the WSHOME environment variable to point to your Identity Manager installation. For example:

    set WSHOME=OracleAppServerInstallationDirectory/j2ee/home/applications/idm/idm

  2. Make sure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correctly. For example:

    set JAVA_HOME=/product/
  3. Create a CLASSPATH environment variable and set it to include the location of the oc4j-internal.jar file. This file is part of the application server distribution and is located here:


  4. Change to the %WSHOME%\WEB-INF (Windows) or $WSHome/WEB-INF (UNIX) directory.

  5. Make a backup of WEB-INF/ServerRepository.xml file and move it out of the directory. This is your direct connection setup from the original install of Identity Manager.

  6. Point the repository to the new location using the Identity Manager lh command. For example:

    ../bin/lh setRepo -v -tOracle -icom.evermind.server.ApplicationInitialContextFactory 
    -fjdbc/idmpool -n -oServerRepository.xml

    Note –

    The -f location flag should match the value you selected for the JNDI Name field.

  7. If there are no reported errors, restart your Oracle Application Server to pick up the changes. (This also restarts the Identity Manager system.)