Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Installation

ProcedureTo Prepare Oracle for Use with Identity Manager

  1. Install Oracle or confirm the connection to an Oracle database.

  2. Connect to the Oracle instance as a user with privileges to create users and tables.

  3. Create the database. To do this:

    1. Copy the script to a temporary location. This script is located in the db_scripts directory in the Identity Manager installation package, and also in the idm\sample directory if Identity Manager is already installed.

    2. Modify the script:

      1. Change the user password.

      2. Change the path for DATAFILE to point to the location for your waveset.dbf data file.

      Your database administrator may want to modify the script to meet site-specific requirements for backup, replications, disk allocation, distribution, or other considerations.

    3. Create the new tables by using the following command:

      On Windows

      sqlplus dbausername/dbapassword

      On UNIX

      sqlplus dbausername/dbapassword

  4. Download the JDBC driver to use with your version of Oracle.

    See Notes on Configuring Databases and Downloading Supporting JAR Files for more information.

    Later, during the Identity Manager installation process, you will install the JDBC driver to the $WSHOME/WEB-INF/lib directory on your application server.