Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Upgrade

Custom Repository Objects

You might have to maintain customized repository objects to enable them to function properly with target Identity Manager releases. Record any customized repository objects that are in your environment as explained in the following sections.

Note –

You can use the Identity Manager SnapShot feature to create a baseline or snapshot of the customized repository objects in your deployment, which can be very useful when planning an upgrade. See Step 5: Take a Snapshot for more information.

Modified Forms

You might have to update customized forms to take advantage of current product enhancements.

Modified Workflows

You might have to update customized workflows to take advantage of current product enhancements.

Modified Email Templates

You might have to export customized email templates to take advantage of current product enhancements.

Custom Repository Schema

Significant schema changes occurred between Version 7.0 and Version 8.0 of Identity Manager. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Identity Manager, you must update your schema.

Other Custom Repository Objects

Record the names of any other custom repository objects that you created or updated. You might have to export these objects from your current installation and then reimport them to the newer version of Identity Manager after upgrading.

Admin group 

Resource form 

Admin role 





Task definition 

Provisioning task 

Task template 

Remedy configuration 

User form 

Resource action 


Note –

The SPML 2.0 implementation in Identity Manager changed in version 8.0. In previous releases, the SPML objectclass attribute used in SPML messages was mapped directly to the objectclass attribute of Identity Manager User objects. The objectclass attribute is now mapped internally to the spml2ObjectClass attribute and is used internally for other purposes.

During the upgrade process, the objectclass attribute value is automatically renamed for existing users. If your SPML 2.0 configuration contains forms that reference the objectclass attribute, you must manually change those references to spml2ObjectClass.

Identity Manager does not replace the sample spml2.xml configuration file during an upgrade. If you used the spml2.xml configuration file as a starting point, be aware that this file contains a form with references to objectclass that you must change to spml2ObjectClass. Change the objectclass attribute in forms (where it is used internally), but do not change the objectclass attribute in the target schema (where the attribute is exposed externally).

You can use the Identity Manager SnapShot feature to copy the following, specific object types from your system for comparison:















For specific instructions, see Step 5: Take a Snapshot.