Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Upgrade

Task 3: Prepare Your Test Plan

Before proceeding to the next phase of the upgrade, be sure that you have prepared a current, comprehensive test plan. The goal of a test plan is to confirm that all your current Identity Manager application functionality remains intact through the upgrade process.

Review Your Existing Test Plan

Does your existing test plan address everything that you want to test? Is it up-to-date? Is it specific? If not, you must revise your test plan appropriately.

If you are particularly concerned with the performance of a particular set of functions or with items such as the amount of system memory or database space the Identity Manager application consumes, then be sure that your test plan also measures these items.

After upgrading the Identity Manager product or after making any significant change to your Identity Manager configurations or customizations, be sure to retest your Identity Manager application.

Create a Test Plan

You must create a test plan if you do not already have one prepared for your Identity Manager application. A generic test plan includes:

  1. Introduction

    • Description of this document

    • Related documents

    • Schedule and milestones

  2. Resource requirements

    • Hardware

    • Software (test tools)

    • Staffing

  3. Features you are going to test and the test approach

    • New features testing

    • Regression testing

  4. Features you are not going to test

  5. Test deliverables

  6. Dependencies and risks

  7. Entrance and exit criteria