Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Upgrade

Task 7: Reset Your Test Environment

To perform controlled testing, you must reset your Test environment so that it corresponds to your Production environment as closely as possible.

Step 1: Reset Your Platform to Match Production

To reset your Test environment, ensure the following:

Every time you promote an image of your Identity Manager application from the Development environment, you must test your cumulative upgrade procedure. If the upgrade procedure appears to be successful, execute your test plan.

Step 2: Set Up for Functional Testing

To prepare for functional testing, you must create a Test environment that supports controlled testing of your Identity Manager application.

You might want to simulate some aspects of the Production environment, but the primary goal is to verify that the application works as expected. Achieving this goal might require that you load controlled datasets rather than perfectly realistic ones.

Load test data into your database tables that supports execution of the test cases in your test plan. Ideally, the database tables would also contain data similar to the data in your Production environment.