Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Upgrade

Step 5: Change TaskDefinition Objects

You might find it necessary to upgrade a Production environment that contains executing task instances. Unfortunately, upgrading an Identity Manager TaskDefinition object in the repository can corrupt executing task instances that depend on the TaskDefinition object. This possibility is a particularly important consideration in a Production environment where people are depending on those tasks to complete correctly and to perform their business functions.

Although it is easiest to have users complete their tasks or terminate still-executing tasks prior to upgrade, these options are not always feasible.

If your Production environment might contain executing task instances when you upgrade, be sure that your upgrade procedure describes how to address these instances.

Tip –

Rename TaskDefinition objects when upgrading in each environment. Use the following process to upgrade TaskDefinition objects in your Production environment:

  1. From the Identity Manager console, rename the current TaskDefinition to include a time stamp.

  2. Load the new TaskDefinition.

Caution – Caution –

Problems might occur if you change activities or actions.

Note that you cannot modify any TaskDefinitions that correspond to live TaskInstances. Identity Manager does not allow you to make these modifications.