Sun Identity Manager 8.1 Web Services

Understanding Open Content and OperationalAttributes

SPML makes heavy use of xsd:any elements in the .xsds file to provide what the specification refers to as Open Content. In SPML, Open Content means that most elements can contain elements of any type. Identity Manager uses this idea to provide OperationalNVPs (NameValuePairs) and OperationalAttributes that control processing. OperationalNVPs appear as elements in the XML, while OperationalAttributes appear as attributes. See the OpenSPML 2.0 Toolkit at for more information.

You can use one NVP in all requests except ListTargetsRequests, and in all responses. Identity Manager stores a sessionToken in an OperationalNVPs called session that allows the system to cache sessions on behalf of the user and improves efficiency. For more information about OperationalNVPs and OperationalAttributes, see Supported SPML 2.0 Capabilities.