Sun Identity Manager Deployment Guide

Loading PeopleSoft Users

Use the following steps as a guideline for using reconciliation to load PeopleSoft accounts using Active Sync into Identity Manager.

ProcedureTo Load PeopleSoft Users

  1. From the Resources page in the Identity Manager Administrator Interface, select the PeopleSoft Component resource from the New Resource pull-down menu. If this resource is not displayed, click the Configure Managed Resources button and add com.waveset.adapter.PeopleSoftComponentActiveSyncAdapter as a custom resource. This adapter requires the installation of a JAR file provided by PeopleSoft. See the Resource Reference for more information.

  2. Configure the adapter. Make sure you do not delete the accountId or fullname Identity Manager user attribute from schema map. Also make sure the identity template is correct.

  3. (Optional) Edit the account and password policies as desired. See Setting Account ID and Password Policies for more information.

  4. (Optional) Create a user form that will be used for data loading. The $WSHOME/sample/forms/PeopleSoftForm.xml file can be used as a foundation. See Assigning User Forms for more information.

  5. Start ActiveSync on the PeopleSoft adapter.