Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference


Specifies whether trace messages are emitted to the console. When set to true, trace messages are emitted. Default is false.


Specifies whether trace messages are emitted to a named file. To send trace messages to a specific file, enter the file name.


Specifies the maximum number of steps allowed in any workflow process or subprocess. Once this level is exceeded, Identity Manager terminates the workflow. This setting is used as a safeguard for detecting when a workflow is stuck in an infinite loop. The default value set in the workflow itself is 0, which indicates that Identity Manager should pull the actual setting value from the global setting stored in the System Configuration object’s workflow.maxSteps attribute. The value of this global setting is 5000.


Specifies whether trace messages should be retained in the task’s result object. When set to true, trace messages accumulate in the task’s result object.


Indicates whether the entire history should be returned after the task has completed. When set to true, Identity Manager returns the entire case history. Although it can useful to examine the history when diagnosing process problems, complete results can be large.


Indicates whether generic objects should be included in workflow trace operations.


Specifies the level of detail included in workflow trace. An unspecified or 0 value generates the most detail. The default is 1.


Identifies the level of strictness that is applied when validating workflows prior to running them. Errors of this level or greater will result in the workflow not being run. Valid values are CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, or NONE, where NONE turns off validation completely.

The default is CRITICAL.

serverSettings.default.reconciler Attributes

You can use these two reconciler attributes to tune per-account workflows:

The product of these two values should be at least the time required for the customer’s per account workflows to succeed. This interval will allow for lock-contention issues to resolve internally in the reconciler.

Consider the following scenario:

The total time spent retrying will be 15 seconds (3 x 5000 milliseconds).

This configuration is not optimal because the total time spent retrying (15 seconds) is less than 30. The customer in this example scenario should increase the lockwaitThreshold and maxRetries values so that their product exceeds total per-account workflow time.