Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Overview: Scalable Forms

Scalable forms are customized forms that help improve the performance of Identity Manager’s Edit and Create User interfaces in environments with many users and resources. This improved performance results from several features, including:

Identity Manager provides scalable versions of the default Edit and Create User forms.

Incremental Resource Fetching

Incremental resource fetching describes one method used by the Identity Manager server to directly query a resource for information over a network connection or by other means. Typically, when an administrator edits a user using the default user form, all resources that are owned by a user are fetched at the moment an administrator begins editing a user account. In contrast, the intent behind the design of scalable forms is to limit fetching by fetching only those resources that the administrator wants to view or modify.

Selective Browsing

Selective browsing, another feature incorporated into scalable forms, permits an administrator to incrementally view resources based on their owning role, on their resource type, or from a list of resources.

Multiple Resource Editing

Multiple resource editing allows an administrator to select subsets of resources for editing resource attributes. An administrator can select subsets based on roles, resource types, or from a list of resources.