Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

Using Rules in Workflows

In general terms, an Identity Manager workflow is a logical, repeatable process during which documents, information, or tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a defined set of procedural rules. A participant is a person, machine, or both.

In workflow, you can use a rule anywhere you can use an expression. You can use rules in a workflow to:

For example, you can use a manual action to send an approval request to an administrator, specify a timeout value for this action. If the administrator does not respond within the specified time, you can terminate the action, and escalate the workflow approval to a different administrator.

Workflow activities can also contain subprocesses containing a rule that dynamically calculates a subprocess name. For example.

Example 4–6 Calculating a Rule Name Dynamically

<Activity id=’0’ name=’activity1’> 
   <Variable name=’ValueSetByRule’> 
         <argument name=’arg1’> <ref>variable</ref> </argument>