Sun Identity Manager Deployment Reference

What is a Manual Action?

A manual action is part of the workflow process definition that defines a manual interaction. When the Workflow Executor processes a manual action, Identity Manager creates a WorkItem object in the Repository. The work item must be marked complete before the workflow can proceed. You must associate an owner with a Manual Action. An owner can be an expression that determines an owner.

Because most manual actions are used to solicit approvals, the work item table is located under the Approvals tab of the Administrator Interface. Any manual action that belongs to a workflow is represented by a WorkItem object in the Repository. The WorkItem view contains a few attributes that pertain to the WorkItem object itself, as well as values of selected workflow variables copied from the workflow task. These include attributes, such as owners of pending approvals, and the form used to approve the WorkItem. Identity Manager incorporates ManualActions in the standard workflow and allows approvals for organizations, roles, and resources.

You can assign a time-out to a manual action.